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Aikido - Timetable

Adults and Youth.....Tuesday / Thursday  20:00-21:30

This martial art was developed by the Japanese teacher Morihei Ueshiba, after a whole life of practice in the martial arts of the samurai and mainly based on the Aikijiujitsu of his master Sokaku Takeda.

The Kishintai school aims to teach the Aikido developed by Morihei Ueshibaen in the years prior to the Second World War, being this a more powerful style than the Aikido that he did in the last years of his life and which have adopted the majority of current Aikido schools.

We also study the technical principles of Ken-Jutsu (techniques with sword), Jo-Jutsu (techniques with the long pole), the Tambo-Jutsu (techniques with the short pole) and the introduction in the path of the Iai-Jutsu and Iai-Do (techniques with katana).

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